Dear friends, Elecrow shipped out all the kickstarter keyduino orders last month. Waiting to see your awesome projects. Thanks very much that Pierre Charlier to provide much support at the whole process. It is really happy to cooperate with Keyduino team. Elecrow can provide a turn-key solution for Designers/Makers just like the keyduino project. Included PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, Testing and QC control, Sell at Elecrow online store, Drop-shipping to customers. 1. PCB fabrication: PCB gerber file, PCB quantity and PCB parameter is needed.  you can click the link to order PCB online or ask quotation with Premium PCB service if the PCB specification is more than the fabrication ability of the normal PCB service. 2. PCB Assembly: PCB gerber file, quantity and PCB parameter and other file for PCB assembly is needed, We will reply you and give the quotation to you as soon as possible. 3. Testing and QC control: Elecrow will visual test for all PCBA project. Detail test steps is needed if need Elecrow to do the function test. 4. Sell at Elecrow online store: some designers don't want to ship the parcels to the customers themselves. You can sell your products at Elecrow online store and share this link to your friends. Elecrow will share the profit to the Designer every month. 5. Drop-shipping: some designers want to Elecrow to ship the products to his customers separately. There are two solution. First, you can purchase this product online and then Elecrow will ship the parcels to the shipping address you leaved. Second, if there is a lot of customers need to ship separately and purchase online needs a lot of time. you can send the customers' shipping address and the products list to us and then we will give the shipping cost to you and ship them to your customers after you confirm all is ok. You can visit this Youtube page for some reference project of Keyduino.