Gear Kit for DIY/Model Accessories

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This is a gear kit, which contains 60 kinds of 0.5 modulus gear, the gear shaft 102A which there is copper gear, also the 2.3MM and 3.17MM gear included, some rack, worm, and belt may you need too.  Gear is made of ABS plastic and absolutely meets DIY requirements. By using these sorts of gear, you can DIY a lot of toy models, if some missing gear parts on the model can also be found suitable to replace.


  • 60 kinds of gear
  • ABS Plastic

Package list

  • Single gear x 8
  • Spindle gear x 10
  • Double gear x 12
  • Pulleys x 7
  • Crown Gears x 9
  • Blue motor gear x2
  • Belt x 4
  • Bushings x 3
  • Worm x 2
  • Rack x 1
  • Copper teeth x 1
  • Bevel gears x 1

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