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4ch Quadrature Decoder - Provides motor position and speed feedb

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QuadQuad2 allows position and velocity information to be read from up to four incremental quadrature encoders simultaneously via SPI.  These encoders are typically found on the shaft of a motor, allowing the motor rotation angle and velocity to be measured.  When used on a robot wheel motor, this would allow you to measure how far your robot has moved and how fast and makes closed-loop control possible.

Features: Four quadrature channels (sampled 4x per detent) | Provides position (8, 16 or 32-bit), velocity, status and timing metadata | Velocity up to 50,000 transitions/s | Home/index inputs | SPI slave interface | Streamed or polled data packets | Operating voltage 3.3V | Supports 4x Pololu HP motors at their maximum rated shaft speed of 30,000 RPM | Arduino library and demo available

QuadQuad2 measures all channels simultaneously, which has a distinct advantage over reading separate decoder chips, which have to be read one at a time and the resulting data would be unsynchronized and slow.  This synchronization is important if you want to combine feedback from multiple motors to drive in a straight line, do Ackerman steering or detect wheel slipping, for example.

A complete Arduino library and demo code is available for free, as well as a Datasheet detailing physical connections and protocol.

The PCB comes without any headers.

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