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Raspberry Pi Power Controller (Ras p-On Type A with AC Adapter)

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“Ras p-On” Type A with AC Adapter, is a power control add-on board for Raspberry Pi.


“Ras p-On” is a power control add-on board for Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi is so popular in many fields, such as industry, education and development.

But it has some problems and difficult to use.

This device adds 3 functions to Raspberry Pi and make it easy to use as follows:

1. Power Switch Control

2. Wide Input Voltage by Linear Regulator

3. Real Time Clock (RTC)

This device is sufficient high quality for industrial use.

It can be used for your mass production with confidence.



・Power On by Tactile Switch

・Cut Off Power Supply Safely after Detecting Shutdown Completely

・Cut off Supply to GPIO of 5V and 3.3V, USB Port Completely in Cutting off Power Supply

・Notification of Shutdown Execution by Pushing down Tactile Switch

・Forced Shutdown by holding Tactile Switch Pressed down

・Support Automatic Power-On Mode via AC adapter Supply Input. Enable to Boot at Once via Centralized Power Control

・Low Leaking Current in Cutting Off Power Supply: 60μ@6V Input

・Equipped with Regulator Supporting Wide Input Power Supply Range (6V〜25V)

・Linear Regulator with Low Noise Adopted

・Sufficient Power Supply to Raspberry Pi with 5.1V Voltage, 3A Maximum Output Current

・DC Input Jack (5.5mm External – 2.1mm Internal)

・External Power Supply Output Port - Amount of 3A Power Supply for Peripheral Circuit of such as LCD Panels

・DS1307 RTC(Real Time Clock) Equipped with Coin lithium Battery (CR1220) Backup

・ESD HBM Input of Tactile Switch: ±25kV

・Reverse Current Protection Circuit by Power Supply from Both Raspberry Pi USB and “Ras p On”

・Stackable GPIO Port

・Changeable Exclusive GPIO Port


Package List

・Ras p-On Board × 1

・Spacers (M2.6 – 11mm – double female screw) × 4

・Screws (M2.6 – 4mm) × 8

・Lithium Coin Battery × 1

・AC Adapter (6V/3A – PSE Recognized)



Ras p-On


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