Flea-Scope™ 18 Msps USB Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, and more!

Flea-Scope™ 18 Msps USB Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, and more!

PicoPD - USB-C PD 3.0 PPS Trigger with RP2040

PicoPD - USB-C PD 3.0 PPS Trigger with RP2040

USB-C PD and PPS Trigger Board 5A

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Note: Each order will include 1x PPSTrigger Board Version 1.0 and 1x 5mm Screw Terminal unsoldered. Always test the output voltage before plugging in your device.

Due to the miniature of the design, ESD (electrostatic discharge) should be considered when handling. High ESD can burn the onboard micro-controller and render the board useless

Detail: Documentation

Model: 3D STEP file

This board will act as a simple USB-C PD trigger board with additional capability to request PPS voltage. The PPS voltage range and current depend on your charger. The high-quality potentiometer provides a simple user interface instead of buttons like our competitors.




Tested USB PD3.0 and USB PD+PPS from 3.3V to 20V @ 5A continuous. Actual voltage and current output depend on your charger.

Please check the recommended charger if you don't already have one.

How to use the board

  • Default (no jumper): Always able to adjust voltage through potentiometer
  • 5V jumper: Request constant 5V
  • 9V jumper: Request constant 9V
  • 12V jumper: Request constant 12V
  • 15V jumper: Request constant 15V
  • 20V jumper: Request constant 20V
  • Pot jumper: Read the potentiometer at start-up and request this voltage. Voltage is not changeable during normal operation

Recommended/Tested USB-C Charger

Many Anker charger/power banks do not include PPS capability in their marketing document. However, some devices still support PPS and thus require some testing.

Testing result

15 min stress test at 20V 5A showing that the board temperature rises to 62C with the board in still air. This is within the working temperature (85C) of all ICs on the boards.

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