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LED Cube RGB 8x8x8 Kit Arduino Compatible



Spoty Precision SMD Micro-dot Solder Paste Dispenser

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Spoty precision SMD micro-dot solder paste dispenser


With this tool you can precisely dispense very small dots of solder paste. Although this solder paste dispenser is cheap and uncomplicated, it works better for small SMD parts than many automatic dispensers. It is used in aerospace and medical electronics companies.

See my website HERE. Included are two 22G blue plastic tapered tips and two syringes.

There are many solder paste dispensers on the market, often motor controlled or pneumatically. But can you use them for very small solder dots such as 0402? It is important that you are able to dispense micro-dots of solder paste, else it will easy lead to solder bridges. The problem with SMD soldering is always the excess of tin. That's why i invented this hand-tool solder paste dispenser.

Extra solder paste option

You can also buy the extra solder paste option, where one syringe is filled with 4 grams high quality type T4 soldering paste from Chip Quick. Then you can get started right away without having to buy addtional solder paste elsewhere.

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Easy apply solder paste, even to the small 0402 parts

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