Mecanum Omnidirectional Wheel Kit 4pcs

Mecanum Omnidirectional Wheel Kit 4pcs

Micro-HD to Standard HD Adapter for Raspberry Pi 4

Micro-HD to Standard HD Adapter for Raspberry Pi 4

Aluminum Alloy Shell for Raspberry Pi 4

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More mini! More powerful!

Raspberry Pi 4,this is known as “ The most popular and cheapest minicomputer of the world”  loved by the developers, geeks, technology enthusiasts around the world finally came out.

Here's a big surprise for you is that we design a shell for Raspberry pi 4. The shell is assembled by an aluminum alloy frame that does not affect the WIFI signal, with high harder, high-pressure resistance, smooth surface.

The simple design makes it looks more convenient and portable. Its side slotting can be installed GPIO wiring, and it is easy to be disassembled.

The hole in this metal frame corresponds to all interface positions of Raspberry Pi 4 that services for USB-C power supply port to gigabit ethernet port even ventilation port.

In a word, it is the ideal partner for protecting your Raspberry pi 4! In addition, this kit equipped with a small fan and a small screwdriver.


 raspberry pi 4 open case

 raspberry pi 4 case



Material: Aluminum alloy

Size: 94 x 60 x 31mm/ 3.7 x 2.3 x 1.2 inch


Package List

1 x Shell

1 x Small fan

1 x Small screwdriver

3 x Cooled sink 

1 x Tweezers


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