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Blackberry BB9900 BLE&USB Keyboard

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An ultra portable Bluetooth&USB keyboard mouse combo using the original blackberry 9900 keyboard.



This is an ultra portable Keyboard Mouse Combo with 3d-printed enclosure and is powered by modified ZMK Firmware.

Please read the full documentation before you buy or use this keyboard!

This keyboard will be shipped with battery, you don't need to buy the battery yourself.

Basic using tutorial about this keyboard:

How to connect the keyboard with a device

How to customize your own keymap

Main Features about this keyboard

  • Processor: NRF52840 from Nordic Semiconductor 
  • Firmware: modified ZMK firmware: Source Code
  • Swapable battery Design: Replace your battery in 10 seconds.
  • Battery type: Nokia BL-5B. You can buy it anywhere in the world.
  • Long battery life: The keyboard can work more than 3 months when normally used without recharging.
  • Mouse and scroll wheel 2 in 1: When enable Capslock, the trackpad works as scroll wheel.
  • Compatible with all platform:  Android, Apple, Windows, Linux, Steamdeck or even Car(tested work OK on Lixiang L9 max) as long as your device has Bluetooth modul with higher than 5.0 version.  
  • On board charging circuit: The USB-C port can not only be used for data transmitting but also can be used for charging battery. 
  • USB&BLE Output: Support both wired and wireless connect. 
  • Shoulder keys: There are two shoulder keys on top side of the keyboard which can be used as mouse left and right keys.  
  • Multidevice connect: The keyboard can be paired with up to 4 devices at the same and can be switched between them easily.

keyboard layer 1keyboard layer 2keyboard layer 3

What you get:

  • The bb9900 BLE&USB keyboard with battery inside assembled with a 3D printed case in a plastic box 
  • A convenient screwdriver for easy disassembly of the printed case.
  • A tiny blackberry metallic sticker.

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