How to design PCB badge #Badgelife

How to design PCB badge #Badgelife. How to design Christmas PCB?

This is David that I designed the Panda lighting PCB badge recently and I want to share the steps that How to design it.

  1. Select one picture and Edit the picture you want to design in photoshop

Get the picture you want to design. The example is a panda. The picture color should be more simple, the better. As there are only few colors can be shown on one PCB. The following are the colors of the PCBs.

Red/blue/green/black/purple solder mask, white silk screen, clean or yellow FR4 materiel and silver Hasl finished or gold ENIG Finished. 

Yellow/white solder mask, black silk screen, clean or yellow FR4 materiel and silver Hasl finished or gold ENIG Finished. 


Edit the image via Photoshop

The following is the video on Youtube shows how to edit the picture for eagle PCB design software.

2. How to input the BMP file into eagle?

a. It’s time to input the BMP file to eagle. The following are the details steps. Click file ->input->Bitmap and then click ok.



b. Select a BMP file, Click open.

select a BMP file

C. Select used colors, In the picture what we used is the black area as silkscreen

eagle: select used colors

D. We put the black area on the PCB top side. So we select 21layer tPlace and then click ok.

   eagle: select display color

E. Click Run script button.

eagle: run script

F. Then the BMP picture is input to the tPlace layer as silkscreen. Measure the size of the import image in eagle and adjust the size of BMP file and input again.

eagle:import BMP OK

3. Design the circuit in the schematic

All the resistors are 470R, two 0805, two 0603 and two 0402. The led lighting normal if the 0402 resistor can’t be solder, just not so bright.

And the led is used normal 1206 LED that needs soldering on the back side of the led to make the lighting better.

eagle: design schematic circuit

4. Layout and add text description. export gerber file and send to the PCB factory. The following picture show the layout finished board and PCB prototyping sample.

 eagle layout add padseagle:PCB prototyping sample

Other resource.

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