Crowtail Starter Kit for Arduino

Crowtail Starter Kit for Arduino

Crowtail-Starter Kit for Micro:bit

Crowtail-Starter Kit for Micro:bit

Crowtail-Deluxe Kit for Arduino

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The Crowtail-Deluxe Kit for Arduino is a kit for advanced learners with a basic programming foundation. It is designed to help learners diverge their ideas, learn how more complex electronic components work and program, and ultimately help them achieve their dream electronic project! The kit contains more than 20 creative and inspiring courses, from simple to difficult, to guide you in detail to learn how these complex electronic modules work and how to use them, and then program to achieve challenging and creative electronic projects that will even teach you how to create your own artificial intelligence work! 

It includes more than 26 electronic modules, which are selected one by one from more than 100 Crowtail electronic modules. The kit is designed to let you learn some complex electronic modules and learn how they work and how to use them. In addition, the kit will broaden your thinking, help you inspire more novel ideas and creations, and ultimately help you achieve your dream work!

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  • Various Crowtail modules with different functions
  • Plug and play, no troublesome soldering and no complicated wiring.
  • More than 20 creative tutorials and 26 well-selected electronic modules.
  • Well-designed packaged, soft internal slot structure with clasp, protecting and settling the modules very well.



  • Package weight:701g 
  • Package size: 11.5 x 8 x 1.5inch



Package List:

  • Crowtail - Motor Base shield x1
  • Crowtail - Buzzer x1
  • Crowtail - Switch x1
  • Crowtail - LED(Red) x1
  • Crowtail - Bright LED x1
  • Crowtail - RGB-LED x1
  • Crowtail - OLED x1
  • Crowtail - IR Reflective Sensor x3
  • Crowtail - Thumb Joystick x1
  • Crowtail - IR Receiver x1
  • Crowtail - IR Emitter x1
  • Crowtail - Hall Sensor x1
  • Crowtail - One Wire Waterproof Temperature Sensor x1
  • Crowtail - Collision Sensor x1
  • Crowtail- Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor x1
  • Crowtail- 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±16g) x1
  • Crowtail - 9G Servo x1
  • Crowtail - ESP8266 nodeMCU x1
  • Crowtail - Analog Gyro x1
  • Crowtail - I2C EEPROM x1
  • Crowtail - Bluetooth Low Energy Module x1
  • Micro-Speed Motor x2
  • Small magnet x1
  • Cable x10
  • User manual x1


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