The useful resource makers can’t miss - Elecrow one-stop solution to hardware project
With years of experience in open source hardware industry and located in Shenzhen which is referred as the largest electronic market of China, Elecrow has developed a mature supply chain in PCB service and wins a good reputation in international electronics hardware communities. Due to the continuous research and concentration on the needs of industry and individual maker, engineer and entrepreneur, Elecrow got down to expand the production lines in 2017 and launched the brand new one-stop solution to hardware project in March, 2018, to be an accessible and cost-effective manufacturing resource for everybody who has ideas to create electronic hardware. What is one-stop solution to hardware project? It means our service covers the entire process of building and bringing an electronic product to life, helping on PCB design and fabrication, enclosure prototype (mechanical service) and logistics (Dropshipping). You could use some of them separately, or use all of them as a one-stop turnkey service. Let’s take a look at the respective details . PCB design Makers who want to learn PCB design for building an electronic hardware won’t have a easy trip, it’s harder to figure out those electronic circuits without professional PCB design tips or tutorials, so most of them would choose to find a PCB design company or website online instead. However, major PCB design engineers work and quote on an hourly basis especially on larger PCB design projects, that easily leads you to an expensive expense. Elecrow PCB design service is executed by experienced engineers who covers both basic circuit board design and custom PCB design. We quotes only based on the design labor cost and sample manufacturing cost, what’s more, the design cost will be returned to you if your following batch order reaches to a certain value, that amounts to 0 design cost. Here is a workflow chart to help you easily understand. Elecrow-PCB-design-service-workflow PCB manufacturing Elecrow PCB manufacturing is featured in our service and recognized by over 20000 electronic engineers around the world. We set dedicated ordering page respectively for ordinary custom PCB and advanced PCB like HID PCB, flexible PCB, high-frequency PCB and multilayer PCB, which makes our service easy-to-use for different PCB fabrication needs. Both low volume PCB prototyping and high volume PCB production are easily accessible through our online quote. PCB Assembly Elecrow PCB Assembly service is available for sample order(1pcs of MOQ) and batch order. PCB Assembly cost depends on what you needs, we give each order a transparent quotation list without any hidden charge. Here is an easy ordering flowchart for PCBA service. Elecrow PCB assembly service workflow chart More importantly, our PCB Assembly service is also turnkey solution considering the possible limitation customers may have on the hardware projects, the optional laser cut PCB Stencil, components sourcing and sub-assembly & kitting service can be a great solution to lack of experiences in electronics or time-limited projects. Mechanical service Mechanical service also takes the entire process of forming enclosure of electronic products into account, covering from metal and nonmetal product’s structure design, processing, forming to decorating, which makes you free of extra efforts, just sitting at home and receiving the finished product. Here are what we can provide for mechanical service: Acrylic Laser Cutting(On-line Ordering) Molding Service 3D Printing Service Laser Cutting Service CNC Milling Service CNC Turning Service Mechanical Structure Design Threading Surface Finishing Drop Shipping service Drop Shipping service is cool for electronics developers, sellers, it’s like “the all help we can get for logistics!” as a cooperated developer said. Elecrow Drop Shipping service is more than a logistics service, it could also be a turnkey solution including manufacturing, inventory, packaging and logistics for distributors and hardware project creators on third-party platform like Kickstarter, e-bay, tindie..... In this service, elecrow takes all the risks and responsibilities of products, which saves much time and efforts for customers to focus on what they like. Elecrow_Dropshipping_service Why use our one-stop service? 1.One-stop service frees your time from multi-window communications with many suppliers, seamless and efficient service saves you lots of time and efforts. 2.Separate service or combined services enable customers have flexible options, any of them can be the perfect replacement of the part you are not good at when doing hardware projects. Conclusion That's it? No, except for the above convinience and efficiency you can get from our one-stop hardware solution, high cost-effectiveness should be the greatest surprise you will feel because we set concessions as much as we can in some services, so stay focused on our website service notice, or contact us at whenever you want, we would love to hear from you anytime!