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DEEJ Physical Volume Mixer Electronics Kit

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This kit includes the electronics you need to make your own DEEJ Volume Mixer.

Noted: This kit does not include a 3D printed case, you can use our 3D printing service to customize your personalized case.


DEEJ utilizes an open-source lightweight desktop client written in Go, and an Arduino-based hardware setup that's simple and cheap to build. It is just like the volume mixer built into Windows, but a physical one! This means that you can change the volume of an application without closing your important game. You can turn the game volume down and Discord volume up when someone joins the call. Since it sits right beside your keyboard you can quickly change the volume.

The sliders are connected to the pins on the Arduino Nano board, and the board is connected to the PC via a USB cable. The code running on the Arduino board is constantly writing current slider values over the serial port. And the lightweight Go client on the PC background reads the serial stream and adjusts app volumes according to the given configuration file.



Noted: This kit does not include an acrylic case, you can use our Acrylic Service to customize your personalized case.


Schematic Diagram


  • It can bind apps to different sliders and also bind multiple apps per slider
  • Control your microphone's input level
  • Utilizing an open-source lightweight desktop client, consuming around 10MB of memory
  • Runs from your system tray
  • Helpful notifications to let you know if something isn't working



Package List

  • 5x B103 Slider
  • 5x Slider Caps
  • 1x Arduino NANO
  • 1x Header Pins
  • 1x Custom PCB (V2)
  • 6x M3 x 5mm
  • 4x M2 x 4mm
  • 1x Type C cable (1m)


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