DIY Acylic Table Saw PCB Cut Machine with Speed Control

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The seventh-generation arcylic tiny table saw kit includes table saw host, table saw patron, protective baffle, saw blade, spare screw plus hex wrench, 12-24v adjustable power supply, power cable and power supply multi-function adapter. The advantages of 7-generation are as follow: firstly, the material of the spindle is aluminum instead of acrylic as before, so it is more powerful when use it. Secondly, change high-speed ordinary saw blade into high-speed steel-plated titanium saw blade, which is much sharp and well wear-resistant. Thirdly, choose 795 motor as its main motor, thus increasing the cutting power by 30%. Fourthly, there are 2 motors for cutting and polished, each motor has a switch control, making the power distribution more evenly. It has digital voltage display screen, you can see the voltage value you use, that is so convenient.
For this table saw is tiny, so it can be applied to cut small crafts, PCB boards, small pvc tubes and other small material. But it is not suitable for carpentry work and too the cutting of material which is too long or too thick.


  • The material of the spindle is aluminum, so it’s more powerful when it works.
  • the saw blade is high-speed steel-plated titanium, so it’s much shrp and well wear-resistance.
  • 795 motor increases the cutting power by 30%.


  • Dimension: 25cm x 17cm x 8cm
  • Working voltage: 12-30v
  • Working current: 4A-20A
  • The thickness of cutting: 17-24mm
  • The dimension of saw blade: 65mm
  • The range of adjustment: 0-90 degrees

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  • DIY Acylic Table Saw x 1

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