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What is it?

This is an open-source development board for Esp32 with Ethernet support that was funded on Kickstarter.

Why did you make it?

I made it because I often prefer Ethernet over WiFi in my projects. In my humble opinion, Ethernet is more stable and simpler to use(plug and play). Other Ethernet Esp32 boards sometimes don't have enough pins, so I made this one:)
I also made 2 other versions of this board with PoE support: Esp32-Stick-PoE-P and Esp32-Stick-A, which have the same MCU, dimensions and pinout for projects where you need passive PoE(Esp32-Stick-PoE-P) or active PoE(Esp32-Stick-A).

What makes it special?

Pin-to-pin compatibility with other Esp32-Stick boards and 17 Gpios!

  • 17 pins are not used by Ethernet are available for programming.
  • USB Type-C
  • Esp32-Stick boards are fully programmable in Arduino and are supported in ESPHome home automation environment(Examples are available on Github)
  • No external USB-UART converter is required, ready for plug-and-play programming!
  • All the Esp32-Stick boards have the same length and width so they can easily be replaced with one another.
  • Any code written for one board is compatible with another because they share the same CPU and pinout.


  • ESP32-Wroom module.
  • USB-C connector.
  • 17 Pins are available.
  • LAN8720A chip for Ethernet.
  • CH340G USB-UART converter.
  • USER-Led(GPIO2).
  • Reset button and User button(GPIO0).
  • Accepts power through: USB, External source (3.3V-5V)



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