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Protect Your Pi ! 32 IO Points for Raspberry Pi

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    John Jay based in Georgia, USA, is a retired engineer who designed some boards for the Raspberry Pi to help his partner to learn Raspberry Pi. Although at first, it was a small act just for his friends, with the growing number of people in the open-source community participating, more and more people find that these packages really work. So, he decided to release these kits. Cooperated with Elecrow, these packages have been produced quickly. And herewith Elecrow, we not only ensured the quality but also released and collected the usage or Experiences of these kits, to help more people enter the world of Raspberry Pi as quickly as possible
    This Protect Your Pi Kit has two chips that Expand the I/O with Serial Interface, 32 points total, and Each point can be configured as an input or output. This kit not only expands the I/O port of Raspberry but also protects the I/Os of Raspberry Pi. 

    Protect Your Pi ! 32 IO Points for Raspberry Pi


  • Protect Your Pi board x1
  • I/O Expander IC x2
  • IC Socket x2
  • Cap x2
  • 26 Pin Connector x1
  • Female Connector x3
  • Jumper x1
  • Gasket x1


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