NodeMcu WIFI Board

NodeMcu Lua WIFI Board Based on ESP8266 CP2102 Module

L293D Motor Driven Expansion Board for NodeMcu Lua Wifi Board

L293D Motor Driven Expansion Board for NodeMcu Lua Wifi Board

RFID Reader Module

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This product has been used in building intercom and access control products for many years, it has high stability and strongest anti-interference ability. The ATMEGA8 of this module is a high- performance AVR MCU of AVR family. It’s easy to use and small enough to be embedded into your system. It will perform well in your projects.


  • Wiegand 26/34 optional
  • Wiegand data output and the uart ID output simultaneously, baud rate 9600/19200 optional.
  • Four mounting holes, can be installed on your product (can be customized according to customer size).
  • The coil can swap, in the actual use, the replacement device does not require effort to dismantle the coil.
  • Use an external crystal
  • Lighting instructions
  • A square coil, more suitable for use in building intercom, access control and other products.
  • SMT machine batch processing.


  • Support card type: Read-only ID card (EM4100 / 4001, etc.)
  • Support card Frequency: 125K
  • Read Range: 3-10CM
  • Reader Time: Less than 0.2 seconds
  • Output interface: Wiegand 26/34 optional; UART serial output, TTL level (selectable baud rate)
  • Relative Humidity( Work): 20% -90% RH
  • Relative Humidity(Storage): 10% -90% RH
  • Environmental temperature requirements:-55℃ - 125℃
  • Standard size: 29MM * 62MM
  • Coil size: 35MM * 54MM
  • Coil lead: 10CM

Package list

  • RFID Reader Module x 1
  • ID key x 1
  • Copper coil x 1

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