10 PCBs for $1, and Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) Giveaway


Raspberry Pi 4 has been released for a while, have you tried it or been waiting for years? For months in fact. Good news is that Elecrow has acquired the dealership for distributing Pi 4 globally and has well made a  useful and powerful kit (Raspberry Pi 4(4GB) included) which is on sale for $89. Want it for free? OK, there is one way for you to get a free Pi 4 (4GB) immediately.


From September 9 to October 9, Elecrow PCB and PCB Assembly services are offered with great benefits to all our customers. Thrilled to say, 10 PCBs for just $1, and get a Raspberry Pi 4(4GB) for free with the PCB Assembly order over $2,000.


Product Series for Promotion

I. Regular Custom PCB


II. PCB Assembly


Promotion Time

9/9/2019 - 10/9/2019(GMT+8)


Promotion Details

I.Regular Custom PCB

10 Regular PCBs for Only $1

Pay $1, and you will get maximum 10 PCBs (1 or 2 layers, up to 10*10cm). The price is only offered for the first order during the activity, the second and later orders would be charged for the normal price of $4.9.


$50 Coupon for PCBA when order PCB

You would get a $50 coupon when you place first PCB order. The coupon is only applicable for PCB Assembly service, with a period of validity of 6 months. Every customer can only enjoy the offer once.


The coupon code will be attached automatically in the confirmation email of your first PCB order (in red color), mark the email and forward it to the project manager once you place PCB Assembly order, it would be deducted from your order directly. Coupon for your reference:


II.PCB Assembly

40% Off for The Assembling Cost

All PCB assembly orders are free of set-up cost, and 40% off for the assembling cost.


Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) Giveaway

Get a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) for free when a single PCBA order reaches the amount of $2,000.



Order Now:

Seize the rare opportunity to enjoy the discount offer NOW before you miss it.


Regular Custom PCB

PCB Assembly


Any questions, please contact us: service@elecrow.com