Monthly Archives: June 2017

  1. June 28, 2017

    What would be the Raspberry Pi 4 like?

    With the development of the smart phone, the hardware configuration of the phone is continual upgrading that the CPU upgraded from dual-core to ten-core and the RAM now has up to 8GB. The currently new generation of Raspberry Pi is 3B+, which equipped with 1.2GHz, quad-crow and 1GB RAM. In comparison, both based on Linux and adopted ARM architecture, but the configuration of Raspberry Pi 3 is significantly lower than the phone. Why the difference between both so great? Google recently announced a partnership with raspberry pi to launch Raspberry Pi 4. It seems that the configuration of Raspberry Pi 4 should have eight-core, with above 2GHz, with 4GB RAM supported DDR4L. Besides, the Raspberry Pi 2/3B supports the android

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  2. June 27, 2017

    Company Activity-Staff Fitness Program

    To enrich the cultural life of our company and improve the physical quality of staff, we are organized a gym activities. We will gather together to do radio gymnastic exercised whenever the music ring. The daily exercise time is arranged in the afternoon. “Sometimes the supervisors can share their thoughts particular with the staff.” the boss said. So our company will have a staff sharing communication which sharing the joke, life fun and story, etc before exercise in a limited time. At the same time, you can share your story with us, we are very pleased that. When I first taken part in it, I feel confused because I was unfamiliar with the movement of radio gymnastic exercised, at that time, I believe that most people have the same feelings as me. Gradually we learned how

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  3. June 22, 2017

    PCB Rush Service Instruction and Attentions

    Regular PCB boards produced by Elecrow are based on class 2 of IPC-600-H (Acceptability of PCB). Click here to check and download the industry standards IPC-600-H. Definition for Rush Service:
      • The timestamp on your order of the 12h rush service must be before 2PM Beijing Time to qualify. An order placed at 2PM and later will be considered to the next business day. Similarly, the 24h rush service will be put off the next business day when the order is placed at 6PM or later. The time used is the timestamp on your order, which will be showed once your order is placed. Besides, the 12h rush service is not included stencil and ENIG technology. But the ENIG is available in the
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  4. June 14, 2017

    Circuit Board Art- PCB Sculpture

    PCB Sculpture is quite popular items in circuit board art. Circuit board is not only an important basic of the online lives in the 21st century, but also a works of art. Similarly, PCB designer was a technician of the PCB layout as well as an artist. Maybe we could collect and re-use the obsolete and spare PCBs, to protect environment and change the waste into resource. You may have seen the artwork which made of the PCBs by Steven: pcb art 1
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  5. June 09, 2017

    Share a project that diy an arduino robot

    The application prospect of pcb is very vast, you can applied it to the arduino/raspberry pi projects or assembled some chips into its surfaces etc. Here we share a project where I saw in the that diy an arduino robot. It is a simple robot which is operated by an arduino and what it does is that it just roams around and avoids obstacles. 1. Materials Required arduino robot material required 2. Wiring and Schematic arduino-robot-wiring

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