CAN FD Shield for Arduino

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The CAN-FD Shield is a reliable and versatile solution for adding CAN-BUS (CAN-FD) capabilities to your Arduino projects. With its MCP2517FD CAN Bus controller, SIT1042T CAN transceiver, and built-in SD card slot, it makes it easy to build an onboard diagnostic device or data logger for vehicles.

This shield is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and safety, and has passed both CE and FCC certifications. This means that users can use the CAN-FD Shield with complete confidence, knowing that it has been thoroughly tested and meets international safety and performance standards.

In addition to its certifications, the CAN-FD Shield is compatible with both CAN-FD and CAN 2.0 protocols, features an industrial standard 9-pin sub-D connector, selectable OBD-II and CAN standard pinouts, adjustable chip select and INT pins, and Arduino Uno pin headers. The high-speed SPI interface has a maximum speed of 10 MHz, making it ideal for efficiently logging data points from vehicles.

Application Ideas

  • Build an onboard diagnostic tool for vehicles. Using the OBD-II converter cable and library, you can access a range of diagnostic information from the vehicle's computer and display it on the Arduino.
  • Create a data logger for vehicles. The CAN-FD Shield's high-speed SPI interface allows you to quickly and efficiently log a variety of data points from the vehicle, such as engine performance, fuel efficiency, and more.
  • Develop a device for monitoring and controlling industrial machinery. The CAN-FD Shield's compatibility with both CAN-FD and CAN 2.0 protocols makes it a suitable choice for use in industrial settings, where it can be used to monitor and control various types of machinery.
  • Create a device for automating tasks on a production line. The CAN-FD Shield's ability to communicate with other devices via the CAN bus makes it well-suited for use in automated production lines, where it can be used to trigger events and perform tasks as needed.


  • Compatible with both CAN-FD and CAN 2.0 protocols for versatile use in various applications
  • Industrial standard 9-pin sub-D connector for compatibility with industry-standard devices
  • Selectable OBD-II and CAN standard pinouts for flexible use and ease of integration
  • Adjustable chip select and INT pins for customization and convenience
  • Arduino Uno pin headers for easy connection to an Arduino board
  • High-speed SPI interface with a maximum speed of 10 MHz for efficient data communication
  • Supports CAN-FD transmission with a maximum speed of 5 Mb/s
  • Suitable for building an onboard diagnostic tool or data logger for vehicles
  • New CANBed with an aluminum alloy case available for a durable and convenient casing option.


  • HSCODE: 8543709990
  • USHSCODE: 8517620090



This product has been certified by CE and FCC, and you can download the certificate in the Preferences section.


Longan Labs
Longan Labs is an innovative company based in Shenzhen, China, dedicated to providing low-cost and reliable open-source CAN Bus modules for global makers.
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