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Crowbits-Servo Control

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What is Crowbits-Servo Control?

Crowbits-Servo Control is a digital input module that used to control the servo. The servo is a type of motor that can rotate at a certain angle, the rotation direction and angle can be controlled by the servo control.



How does it work?

The servo control comes with a servo and a servo control module, the servo is a rotary actuator or linear actuator that allows for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity and acceleration. It consists of a suitable motor coupled to a sensor for position feedback. It also requires a relatively sophisticated controller, often a dedicated module designed specifically for use with servomotors. The servo control module controls the servo in three different modes by sending signals in three modes.

1. The default mode after power is manual mode, rotate the potentiometer on the module, the rotation direction and speed of the servo will be consistent with it.

2. Then push the button, the servo will automatically back to the zero position.

3. Press the button again, the servo turns to the automatic mode, the servo will move back and forth on its own in a range of -90 degrees to 90 degrees.



Use cases

There is no coding required when you control the servo with this servo controller, powering for the servo controller and servo, then you can control the servo by adjusting the blue hat.




Operating Voltage: 3.3V DC

Supply mode: Crowbits Power Module

Angle range: -90 degrees to 90 degrees

Dimensions: 31.5(L)*24.5(W)*13(H) mm



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