Crowtail- MPU6050 Accelerometer & Gyro 2.0

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A Crowtail- MPU6050 Accelerometer &Gyro which has 3-Axis digital accelerometer and 3-Axis gyroscope,and a Digital Motion Processor hardware accelerator engine with an auxiliary I2C port that interfaces to 3 party digital sensors such as magnetometers.
It’s the first motion processing solution projects and it can apply on game controllers, motion controls, Four - axis aircraft and other consumer devices. The MPU-60X0 is a 2nd generation motion processor and is compatible with the MPU-30X0.


  • Operating Voltage: 5.0 to 6.0V.
  • Measure dimension: Acceleration: 3D, angular velocity: 3D, attitude angle: 3D .
  • Current consumption: not more than 10mA.
  • Measuring range:Acceleration:±16g, angular velocity: ±2000 degree per second.
  • Measurement error:Acceleration:±6.1e-5g, angular velocity: ±7.6e-3 degree per second.
  • Stability: Acceleration:0.001g, angular velocity: 0.02 degree per second.
  • Data output frequency: 100Hz(115200bps)/ 20Hz(9600bps).
  • Data interface: UART or I2C.
  • RoHS/WEEE lead-free compliant
  • Crowtail compatible interface
  • Dimensions(mm):20.0(L)x20.0(W)x9.8(H)

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  • Crowtail- MPU6050 Accelerometer & Gyrox1
  • Crowtail cable x 1

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