LED Cube RGB 4x4x4 Kit / Charliecube PALTA Style

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This is an RGB LED Cube in a kit (assembly required). This kit is based on Asher Glick's Charliecube design. It is designed to make it easier for everyone to make one, and a beautiful one. Refer to the pictures of assembled one for your reference

There are also some modifications to the code from the original one. The code used for this kit can be found at: https://github.com/paulustanuri/PT018_RGB_LED_Cube_V3.1 

The ATMega328P-PU in the kit is already programmed with the code, but you can make your own modification if you want to. There is also a video on how to assembly the kit. The video language is Indonesian, but it has English captions available. 

You can also check the wiki page for more information and to see how the schematics are.

All the jigs needed to help assemble the cube are also included in the kit.

Here is the list of components included in the kit:

  •     RGB LED 5mm Common Cathode : 68pcs (you'll only need 64pcs)
  •     Tinned copper wires @9cm : 68pcs (you'll only need 64pcs)
  •     IC ATMega328P-PU : 1pcs
  •     IC Socket 28pin : 1pcs
  •     Crystal 16Mhz : 1pcs
  •     Ceramic Capacitor 22pF : 2pcs
  •     Ceramic Capacitor 0.1uF : 6pcs
  •     Electrolytic Capacitor 10uF : 2pcs
  •     Resistor 10k : 1pcs
  •     Resistor 1K : 1pcs
  •     Pin Header Female 1x6 Right Angle : 1pcs
  •     Pin Header Female 1x8 Straight : 2pcs
  •     Pin Header Male 1x8 Straight : 2pcs
  •     Diode 1n4007 : 1pcs
  •     Tactile Button 6x6x5 Right Angle : 2pcs
  •     Mini Slide Switch : 1pcs
  •     DC Power Socket PCB Mount : 1pcs
  •     M3x6 Black Pan Padded Screw : 4pcs
  •     M3x5 Male-Female Nylon Spacer : 4pcs
  •     M3x10 Female-Female Nylon Spacer : 4pcs
  •     M3x7x1 Nylon Flat Washer : 4pcs
  •     RGB444 Base Board : 1pcs
  •     RGB444 MinSys Board : 1pcs
  •     USB to DC jack cable : 1pcs

Here is the demo video for the assembled one.

Also video for the assembling process for your reference.


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