First of all, we want to say a big THANK YOU to all of your support! 

CrowPi2 - Raspberry Pi Laptop & STEM Education Platform was launched on last Tuesday, Tune. 16th. The project so far has gained more than 2000+ backers. Glad all of you like it! We will create a survey to collect your address information soon to prepare for the delivery, and in touch soon with all of you to update the production progress of CrowPi2.


CrowPi2 in the Press

Moreover, thank you very much for the comments from the media and celebrities. Let's see what they say about the CrowPi2.



If you or your kids ever wanted to use Raspberry Pi to create cool projects, learn how to code, program games, or conduct scientific experiments, then the CrowPi2 may be the perfect learning platform for you.

----------- tomshardware


Put it all together and you get a lovely piece of kit that we consider perfect for teaching and learning electronics and coding. We would have loved this to bits as kids.

----------MagPi Magazine


The CrowPi2 has potential of being a hit in the educational sector. The provided software is good and works out of the box with the various modules. The full-HD screen allows easy text editing and graphic manipulations while still being compact. Kids as well as parents will surely get many hours of fun out of the CrowPi2.

--------------- TechRadar


CrowPi 2 als Experimentierplattform für Kinder und Jugendliche sowie für den Einsatz in Schulen ziemlich interessant



This is a Raspberry Pi-based laptop and learning platform. Would be a great starter for any kid as the Pi4 is pretty legit and it'll even run Chromium!

--------Scott Hanselman (Famous Overseas Professor and STEAM educators)



Next Project on Kickstarter--Crowbits

Stay tuned for another project-Crowbits from Elecrow that will be on kickstarter soon. 

Crowbits is a new type of STEAM education tool, it integrates traditional circuit modules into a LEGO-compatible block, which means you can build creative projects with our Crowbits and LEGO bricks. Compared with some electronic kits on the market, Crowbits is definitely worthy of “plug and play”, for it doesn’t require cables, tools or complex operations to connect them together. The magnetic snap on the side of these blocks allows you to connect these blocks together with the magnet. Learning through playing, Crowbits will transfer the way you learn into a more fun way.

Please keep supporting! More exciting project that will be coming up in the future.